thread: Baby/Toddler Article of the Month - Falling in Love Again

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    Baby/Toddler Article of the Month - Falling in Love Again

    For this months article I chose Falling In Love Again written by the wonderful Pinky McKay.

    Falling In Love Again explains how it is very common for a mother who is pregnant with their second child to have fears about falling out of love with their first born child when a newborn baby comes into their life It explains quickly about the real life stories of two ladies, who found themselves falling out of love with their first born.

    I choose this article as it was also a great fear of mine during my 2nd pregnancy "How would I love another child as much as I loved Kameron, or what if I loved the 2nd child more", and I totally agree with some of the comments in this article where I found myself at times snapping at Kameron when he wanted something while I was busy tending to Lachlan, but I am pleased to announce that did all change once things were a bit more established.

    There is also a couple of handy tips in the article that may help you if you feel you are loving your first born less.

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    Thanks for the articles Kathryn, although there is no number two, and no intentions of there ever being a number 2, I've just been at a point lately where I wasn't dealing with Ashlea at all. She'll do something that I don't like, i'll yell, she'll cry, I'll smack her or send her to her room, then sit there listening to her cry or whinge and just lose it.

    She is a very sooky/whingy child, and she does cry alot which drives me insane. I have realised though that when it is just me and her at home together, or if someone else is looking after her she is an angel, but if we are at friends, or friends are here or there are other kids she becomes quite difficult. I then realised alot of it was to do with the fact that she is so used to it being just me and her for as long as she can remember, that she must find it hard to share my attention with others.

    Having said all that, lately i havent been enjoying her, or the parenting thing, which really upsets me because I can remember when i was pregnant thinking that I would be the best mum in the world blah blah blah and at the moment i'm anything but. I actually look forward to the days when she is going to dad's at the moment, which then makes me feel like $hit for feeling like that.

    Anyway, after all that ranting and raving, I read these articles and esspecially loved the bit about drawing a sun and writing all the good things they do on the sun's rays each day. It made me start to think of all the little things she does that makes me love her to pieces

    Our biggest problem is that she is just as short tempered, stubborn, determined and pig headed as me and when its on, its all on.

    Just after reading that she woke up, which usually drives me crazy cause her sleeping hasn't been great lately, which means either is mine, so we are both tired and grumpy the next day, but this time I just wanted to lay in bed and snuggle with her until she went back to sleep.

    I know there is alot of other things going on that are stressing me out at the moment, but I realised I need to take a step back from everything and have some 'Mummy and Ashlea' time.

    Thanks for posting the article

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    Aww that is so great to hear that it has helped you put things into perspective somewhat Dee. I can totally see how it can relate to only having 1 child as well. Thanks for sharing your insight into it all.


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    I haven't read the articles, but am pg with #2 and a girlfriend's mother has a great quote:

    "Babies bring their love with them"

    So no matter how much you love the first baby, the second one covers itself by BYO'ing the love. I thought this was cute.

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    That is a lovely article.... I must keep that one in mind, if and when we ever decide to have #2.

    I can't bear the thought of ever getting snappy and irritated at Aidyn, but can't even imagine how hard it would be to cope with another newborn... so no doubt I would not be able to pay him as much attention as I would like....... I actually find that thought really scary, as I dont want him to feel like he is rejected or anything, and I think a lot of this stems from my own childhood issues... but seriously, the thought of ever falling 'out' of love with Aidyn fills me with remorse and guilt...
    If we do go down the path of having another child I will have to persevere as hard as I can not to change how I feel towards my beautiful firstborn....