thread: Baby & Toddler Article of the Month - VELCRO BABY

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    Feb 2004

    Baby & Toddler Article of the Month - VELCRO BABY

    Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that the General Baby & Toddler article of the month is Velcro Baby.

    The article talks about the "clingy, fussy, high need baby" and explains that when you cuddle & hold your baby you aren't actually spoiling them, you're teaching them to love. It also talks about the statistics of crying & fussing with a baby that is held alot compared to a baby that isn't.

    My little man is definately "Velcro Baby"!! He isn't happy unless I am in his sight. He loves to be cuddled to sleep & thrives when there are lots of people around fussing over him. Lots of people have told me that I am spoiling him, but I figure that he's only this small for a short time & before I know it he won't want cuddles anymore!

    So does anyone else have a velcro baby??

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    lilyd Guest

    Velcro baby

    Hi Everyone,

    I would love to have a "velcro baby". My DD is 71/2 months old but doesn't like cuddles at all. There is nothing better than when a baby snuggles into your neck, or when you hold them while they are sleeping. The "baby" time passes way too quickly .

    My DS, now 9 still loves to cuddle (although not in front of his friends), and I love it.

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    Linda - SA Guest

    Fantastic, that is how we bring up our daughter, and people always remark on how cuddly she is, and what a good girl she is.


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    Kids will continue to go through this 'velcro baby' phase for the rest of their childhood.

    My older son was brought up in a very loving environment and has turned out a very affectionate little man - which is fantastic, despite people always saying that too much love/affection/attention would turn him into a 'sissy-boy'

    Kids are a reflection of us as parents - how wonderful it feels to hear people comment on how loving he is, knowing full well that he eminates that loving from being in a loving home-environment.

    You can never show kids too much love / affection and attention - they thrive on it.