Hi everyone, just wanted to let you know that the General Baby & Toddler article of the month is [url=http://bellybelly.com.au/articles/baby/velcro-baby]Velcro Baby.[/url]

The article talks about the "clingy, fussy, high need baby" and explains that when you cuddle & hold your baby you aren't actually spoiling them, you're teaching them to love. It also talks about the statistics of crying & fussing with a baby that is held alot compared to a baby that isn't.

My little man is definately "Velcro Baby"!! He isn't happy unless I am in his sight. He loves to be cuddled to sleep & thrives when there are lots of people around fussing over him. Lots of people have told me that I am spoiling him, but I figure that he's only this small for a short time & before I know it he won't want cuddles anymore!

So does anyone else have a velcro baby??