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    Question Baby/Toddler Development

    This may seem like a strange question but I was wondering how parents' felt about their baby's developments in things like bfeeding, solids, milestones etc. See while I found bfeeding very easy I have found other things like solids and sleep a bit harder. Do people find that everything is easy, hard or a mixture of both? I know all baby's are diff and we perceive things diff but I thought it would be good to answer a few quick questions and see what the results are.

    1 = easy, happy with progress
    2 = medium, things going okay
    3 = hard, didn't go well


    BREASTFEEDING: 1 this was easy for me with only a few nipple issues at start
    BOTTLEFEEDING: 3 DD drinks from bottle occasionally but it's a battle and I've wasted heaps of milk!
    SLEEPING: 2 champion sleeper now but took 7 months to get there - day and night both good
    SOLIDS: 3 at the moment!! no interest though I'm not too worried
    MILESTONES: 1/2 seems to reach all milestones within "suggested" age but maybe a bit later than some babies own age.

    Of course you can add other categories and this scoring is a very loose, simple way to get an idea!! I also realise that it can be different for siblings.

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    BREASTFEEDING: 1. found feeding very easy!
    BOTTLEFEEDING: 1.was never and issue, took it fine
    SLEEPING: 1.very placid DD had issues around 12 months, and day sleeps around 15 months
    SOLIDS:2 wasnt interested til around 7.5 months
    MILESTONES: 2 was worried at first but i think most mums are, she doing beautifully!!

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    BREASTFEEDING: 3. Cooper was just such a big baby when born and I was not producing enough milk to satisfy in the first few weeks. I couldn't handle him crying in hunger and he was trying to feed every 30 minutes. I was too exhausted and couldn't cope.
    BOTTLEFEEDING: 1. Cooper latched on really easily. Was drinking between 60mls and 120 mls every feed within days. Sometimes he would have up to 200mls if he was really hungry
    SLEEPING: 1. He is usually a good sleeper though we are looking at moving him into his own room before the new baby arrives.
    SOLIDS: 1. Cooper eats everything with gusto. Has only ever refused mint, banana that has not been mashed (he doesn't like the texture) and pineapple (too sour). Favourite food is broccoli and potato.
    MILESTONES: 2. Is meeting his milestones generally though some later than others. Is a normal happy toddler.
    TOILET TRAINING: Haven't started yet.

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    BREASTFEEDING: 1 latched on straight away, no probs.
    BOTTLEFEEDING: 3 was very hard to get her to take, didn't start drinking from one til 9 months.
    SLEEPING: 2 used to be cat napper and didn't sleep thru night til 12 months but now fantastic sleeper.
    SOLIDS: 2 felt she was behind others her age. Still is bit funny at times.
    MILESTONES: 1 never really felt worried and she did do alot things first in my mums group.
    TOILET TRAINING: not long til we atempt this!

    This thread is quite interesting to check out.

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    BREASTFEEDING: 1 then 3 now 2 ish- Started really well, by 6 weeks struggling now almost back to full BF
    BOTTLEFEEDING: 1 no problems
    SLEEPING: 1/2 sleeps great at night, day sleeps she likes to catnap
    SOLIDS: n/a for DD, with DS we started way too early (4.5mths) but he loved it and stills eats really well
    MILESTONES: 1. DD is on track, DS was early in nearly everything
    TOILET TRAINING: we are just starting so will see.

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    Will use my Ds3 for this

    1: Was great right from the start
    SLEEPING: was 1 but now 2. We have no day sleeps and he has started night waking
    SOLIDS: 2 but he wasn't interested.. now he is great
    MILESTONES: Hard one this. he walked right on time but crawling and rolling were very late. Everything else normal
    TOILET TRAINING: 1.. completely out of nappies. Day and night.. Help to have a stubborn child

    and DD now

    BREASTFEEDING: 2 now 1.
    SLEEPING: 3 mostly but some nights we get a 2
    SOLIDS: not there yet
    MILESTONES: 1 so far so good
    TOILET TRAINING: not there yet either

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    BREASTFEEDING: 3 = terrible! gave it a good go but in the end, gave up and didn't look back or feel bad for not being able to do it.

    BOTTLEFEEDING: 1 = she took to the bottle straight away and has always been fine on it.

    SLEEPING: 1 = slept through from 8 weeks old. Is not a good sleeper through the day as she catnaps but she sleeps from 9pm - 6am which is good. Doesn't take long for her to fall asleep either.

    SOLIDS: N/A yet, not long to go though!

    MILESTONES: she is going fine with everything and on Anzac Day, her bottom teeth made an appearance!

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    DS is currently 13mths old ;

    BREASTFEEDING: 1 found this easy, no problems at all. Weaning was also fine.
    BOTTLEFEEDING: 1 transition to bottle no problem.
    SLEEPING: 3 this has been an area of great challenge for us with lots of ups and downs.
    SOLIDS: 2 slow to start but by 8-9 mths an excellent eater (except when teething)
    MILESTONES: 3 all seems to be going according to norms at this stage/
    TOILET TRAINING: can't wait to find out!!

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