thread: Baby Toys - what's best?

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    Feb 2004

    Baby Toys - what's best?

    I bet this has been talked about heaps but I would love to know what you guys would suggest for the way of toys/amusement for 4 months and up.

    I am finding that I have no idea of what to do to keep poor Matthew amused, there is only so many books I can read, songs/nursery ryhmes I can sing!

    I know that some of you have a kick n whirl which would be great but we can't afford the $$ atm, (maybe when those great toy sales start next month. )

    Until then, or later, what should I do, what do you guys do?

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    Melinda Guest

    Does he like mirrors Nell? I found that Jacob LOVED looking at himself in the mirror for tummy time! I would put down one of those hand-held mirrors that can have their own little stand thing on them, and prop it up next to him....or I would take him to different mirrors around the house......

    The other thing Jacob liked doing was looking at photos (he still does). So I quite often show him pictures of family members, pets etc and say their names, tell stories about them etc.

    Some really simple things like putting some dry pasta in an empty coke bottle will make a cool noise too (just make sure the lid is super-glued on!).


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    Aug 2004

    Hi Nell,

    Myer has a toy sale on at the moment, and Targets starts next week I think, so it might be more affordable than you thought??

    I bought a couple of cool toys today that were only about $40 all up. A huge Parents Magazine (the brand) activity board and on the back is a big mirror. Jenna already loves it!! Also lome rings that lock together and form a rattle, or teething rings.

    Is Matty too young for balls?? Dont forget he can have a pretty nice time by himself just staring out the window looking at things on the line or trees.
    You can make really cool home made mobiles too - coathangers with things dangling off. Scrumpled up bits of plastic on string as long as they are safe for him to chew, or even strips of bright fabric?

    We hang all manner of things of Jenna's bouncer, and she can either reach out for them, or we tilt it so she can kick them. We got this cool toy from Gramma with plastic chimes on it, and she kicks it and kicks it - absolutely loves it.

    Just keep it about movement, colour and noise and texture, and there aren't any rules!!


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    Oct 2003
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    Matilda loved being active at that age and would roll around heaps. She loved the baby food jars with rice or pasta (like what Mel said before) and would love to sit & look at things twirl... I got a few of those sparkley things you hang up and when the wind blows they twirl? From $2 store and she loved staring at them.

    Anything that made noise and was light would amuse her for 15 minutes at a go...

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    Lucy in the sky with diamonds.

    Jan 2005
    Funky Town, Vic

    Don't spend lots of $$ on baby toys - I really don't think it's worth it. You can make your own things as suggested.

    Orange bags stuffed with plastic supermarket bags for a good tactile/noise toy. Coke bottles with rice/pasta. Mini M & M tubes etc etc.

    Plastic toys are crap anyway - they smell, give off gases and are expensive to boot. Wheres the love??!

    I'm going to post a very good article I read about plastic toys later today.

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    Mar 2004

    Yasin's favorite toys at 4 months were a set of big plastic links and his cloth book with teething bits on the corners and some crackly bits inside. Both of these cost around $10. He still plays with both of them.

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    Mar 2005

    Empty wine bladders can be used either on their own (when slightly blown up are visually interesting and feel good to baby) or you can put dried rice or small past in them to make noise.
    You can also make your own mobiles and hang things like shiny CD's, stretchy ribbons, bangles ect off them and change items on them to keep baby interested.
    Teething toys are also good at this age and can keep bubs busy for some time. Um, what else......... You could use lids from milk containers and string them together (need to put hole in lid) and link them to make a long shaker (similar idea to what you would buy but make it instead to save expense).

    Will let you know if I think of more. :-k

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    Nov 2004
    Chasing Daylight...

    You can also go to Spotlight or somewhere similar and buy some offcuts of fabric and make a baby rug for him to roll around on. My sister made one for DD and she had faux fur, vinyl, sequins, hessian, satin etc.... all different colours and textures sewn into a patchwork quilt (each square was about the size of book).

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    Feb 2004

    These are all great ideas, thanks so much everyone!