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Thread: Babying a baby?

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    Default Babying a baby?

    I know this sounds weird but I'm wondering if this is possible? I still demand feed my DD who is nearly 10 months old (though she sleeps pretty much through the night). She also still has at least 3 sleeps during day ranging from 45 mins to 1 1/2 hrs (depending on day). Basically we watch for her tired signs and I've found lately that with teeth (and I think a growth spurt) that she is hungrier and more tired than usual.

    Anyway is this too much? Should I be strecthing out her feeds? Should I distract her rather than feeding her when she's grumpy? Should I keep her up instead of always putting her down? TBH I think it's okay what we're doing but then I have these panics thinking she's one in 2 months and still like a little baby!!

    I appreciate your thoughts and opinions.

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    Hi Jordie - Hannah has just turned 10 months and is very much the same. She is usually ready for a sleep 2 hours after being awake, so quite often has 3 sleeps each day. With regard to feeding, i have found that with solids introduced i've been breastfeeding 3 times a day, sometimes 4 depending on how early she has woken. If she showed signs of wanting more bm, i would definitely feed her. Sounds like your doing everything that is right for you and your bub (they grow up so fast, so letting them remain babies for as long as possible is a good thing)

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    My first thought is....She still IS a baby ...only 10mths (of a maybe 80 year life!).

    It is working for you and everyone is why change it? They grow up much to quickly anyway so really there is no need to push them.

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    hi- i do the same with Noah, who is nearly 10 months too - he has 2-3 bfeeds duringthe day, then one before bed and 1 or sometimes 2 inthe night.... if that iswhat they need i say do it and they are really sooooo little still!
    i keep also thinking in 2 mnths he is a 1 yo, which to me seems old but then i think how little a 1 yo is in the whole scheme of things.
    dont doubt yourself - if she is wantingthe feeds and sleeps then thatis what isbest for her.

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    I think you're doing a wonderful job! Sounds like bubs is happy and mummy is happy, so where's the problem?? My DD is almost 15mths and still has 2-3 bottles a day/night and has 2 sleeps a day, though I think she might be starting to grow out of one. But she is still a baby, although getting to be a precocious toddler!! You're DD is still a baby, let her be a baby it lasts so little time.

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    Yep - I agree with everyone!!! You are doing a fantastic job! Your baby is happy and so are you. (she is still a baby and probably will be til she is an adult ) I think this parenting gig is all about knowing and responding to your baby in a way that suits him/her and that is what you are doing! Stuff what they "should" be doing etc.... Izzy is nearly 14 mths, has 2 day sleeps of up to 2 hours a time, plus 2 bottles a day. I was reading something this week that basically indicated she shouldn't have any bottles (just cups of milk) plus one day sleep and I started to question myself.... then stopped and thought - hang on. She's happy, healthy and growing, I'm happy because of that so we ain't going to fix what's not broke! Keep up the good work hun!

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