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    Hmmm, this is a strange question but does anyone have a baby with bad breath? I mean, really bad breath, almost like a fresh fish shop? My DS (19 months old) has has very bad reflux since he was born and I don't know if this has something to do with it. I always forget to ask the doctors/nurses about it. He seems to get a lot of tummy pain and maybe the bad breath has something to do with that also. Any ideas??

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    Sometimes bad breath can be from an ear infection or them being unwell.

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    The only time Nina has had bad breath was when she was diagnosed with Tonsilitis a few weeks ago.
    Do you brush his teeth regularly? Not sure what else to suggest.

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    My DD can get horrendous breath but there is normally an underlying infection. I can put money on the fact that if she has bad breath within the next week we will be at the Dr's for something.

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    Yep, we do always brush his teeth. He's had the bad breath since he was first born - not all the time but quite often, and he has been sick quite often. He hasn't been sleeping much at all the last few nights so maybe he is just getting sick again. I think I'll take him to the doctor today to get him checked out.

    Thanks girls.

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    my DD has bad breath too. not really a fishy smell though. she has had it for as long as i can remember and i used to think it was all that breastmilk but since stoppping breastfeeding she still gets stinky breath... also i think it may have something to do with having the dummy in all the time. its worse in the morning. i have been told it can be from infection or sore throat etc but to tell you the truth she gets smelly breath even when she isnt sick. i dont really know waht to do about it either....

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