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Thread: Bassinet/Cot Question re blankets etc

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    Hi everyone,
    Our little one is due to arrive in two weeks and I've recently started to think I have no idea what to do about anything!!! aarrggh!!

    When we come home from hospital our baby will go straight into a bassinet. I'll be wrapping her but wondered what else I put on her over that? A sheet? Blanket - if so what type? etc etc

    Same issue for when she's moved to her cot. I know not to use a quilt or anything like that but am not sure what to use for warmth.

    Also on a similar issue, I've seen the sleeping bags (both the cheaper ones from Target and dearer ones like Living Textiles and Grobag) but am not sure whether they'd be useful. You can't wrap the baby if you put them in a sleeping bag can you?

    all ideas/advice welcome!

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    Its confusing isnt it?? The muslin wraps are fantastic when bubbies are newborn. We used those and then a soft blankie over the top of that when Sammy was in the basinette. Since hes been in his cot he has a set of sheets a blanket and a home made soft quilt over the top. The sleeping bags are great too but Ive never wrapped over a sleeping bag. By this age Ive found that they arent really wanting to be wrapped but others may have a different experience. There are so many blankets to choose from. I like going into the shops and feeling what feels the softest and what I would like around me. HTH


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    I was always paranoid of Matilda overheating. She was born half way through June & throughout the winter in Brissy. But as she co-slept with us we didn't wind up worrying too much until she went into the cot, at 12 months we used a wrap with a thin blanket over the top until around October when we only used a wrap over pajamas.

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