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    I've noticed over the past couple of weeks that Mackenzie is becoming a mummy's girl. Now don't get me wrong - I love the fact that she recognises me and I can settle her but I had hoped she would be more versatile and be more willing to go to other people. I always allow others to hold her and she used to be fine with this (unless hungry of course!) Now she nearly always cries when with someone else unless I'm standing right there.

    Is this just a phase and at 3 and a bit months can I do anything about it or just go with the flow? Oh and she's pretty good with her dad too. I also have to admit she was quite unsetlled during Xmas with lots of people so maybe it was just that time but anyway she is getting babysat on Sat while we're at a wedding and I hope she's okay!!

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    hey there stranger
    asha got a bit unsettles over christmas too sooo many ppl around by the end of each day she just wanted mummy or daddy hopefully it was just the christmas bussiness and she'll be ok when shes babysat..
    sorry i know that dosnt help much

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