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    Smile Bed rolls

    Not sure if this is in the right forum, feel free to move to the right one if im wrong

    I have bought a bed roll (no idea what they are really called), but you put bub between two rolls so they cant move, or turn by accident etc.

    Was wondering if any one else has one, or uses them and how you find them?

    MIL never knew about them until i showed her. My sister used them for all 3 of her kids. I asked in my birthing class what SID's had to say about them, but the teacher wasnt sure, but is going to find out before next weeks class.

    Any thoughts or ideas on them??

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    I started using one at about 9w with jenna asshe was very chucky, and I wanted to sleep her oon the side. We kept it in use untilwe stopped wrapping her at about 9m or so.
    I found it great, I dont know how well they are recommended for SIDS, but Jenna slept in our room til 6m, and so I found I slept with one eye open on her anyway.
    I also found that by about 6m Jenna was rolling over to sleep on her stomach between the rolls (but she was a very early active baby) but by then I didn't stress as much about it all.
    I wouldn't use one unless I had a reason too - a chucky baby sleeping on their side is a pretty good one.

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    Yes I used one too, but SIDS recommend that a baby sleeps on their back, so there's really no need for one

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    Id sleep bub on its back still, but just for extra reassurance it wouldnt turn. I guess im going to be one of these worry wart kinda mums!

    I had a friend loose her lil boy to SID's and that tore her heart and mine. I just want the best for bub.

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    a friend recently gave me one of those because I started to panic about SIDs - I haven't used it yet because Charlie sleeps with his arms up around his head and I think that stops him from rolling.

    I would use it if it's going to give you piece of mind

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