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    Hi, donít know if I should be concerned,, hoping someone can help, for peace of mind.

    Ok, I have a child almost 14mnths .a DS, he can say several words. has been saying dada for ages, dogs name, and has now started saying mama mama the last few weeks.. points at everything, has good eye contact.. sleeps well, about 11 hrs straight at night, and occasionally has 2 sleeps, if he doesnít sleep , wow he is a nightmare.. can walk crusing onto furniture, and walks holding onto one hand, but yet to master on his own, think he is doing ok. things I am worried about, and please let me know if your child does this . I am worried not all is ok, but I know I am POSSIBLY just being neurotic..

    1. will very rarely give me a kiss, if u ask for a kiss, will not move his mouth to mine, and will cuddle now and again, but only if tired.
    2. never play by himself, if I leave the room , or eyeshot, he screams
    3 will scream and cry if cant do something, but it seems out of pure frustreation
    4 vocabulary about 4words, but mumbles not stop, when he wakes in his cot in the morning, we know he is awake, as he just yabbers and can be for like 15mins non stop
    5 nappy changes, well what can I say, screams, hates them.
    6 sometimes just plain out miserable, but then he can smile and be an absolute delight
    7 will play with kids, but hates to share
    8 if he is holding onto something, and u take it from him, wow, does he cry and carry on
    9 does eye contact, so I donít think there is a problem & seems to know his name
    10 go go go, does not stop.

    Ok, is this all normal? is screaming for no reason, like out of pure frustration, normal? cannot play alone, in his room, where as other kids I know, like the same age, can plat for ages and not have to be around mum, but he just needs me close all day long,

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    Default almost 14month old is nearly exactly the same. And others I know his age are not like him but from what I can gather all of the above are normal. Just different kids do different things. Stewart is so clingy at the moment and does not want me to leave his sight.
    He is also hates nappy changes with a passion, screams, tries to get off the change table ahhhh drives me crazy.
    Defiantly isn't into sharing or having things taken off him and hates it when I say "NO".

    I think that the terrible two's for us anyway have started well before two as he throws screaming tantrums when he doesn't get his own way.

    Wish I could tell you something to help but I am strugging myself. But I can tell you that you are not alone.

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    thanks heaps.. i sometimes think things arent 100% if you know what i mean,.. some kids are just so good and happy compared to my DS who sometimes is very cranky, nice to know im not the only one

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    Sounds exactly like my DS too!

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    Sounds exactly like my eldest, Olivia, at the same age.

    Charlie was totally the opposite....would happily play by himself for ages.

    And Lexie (who is currently nearly 14 months) is a combination of the two.....

    Honestly, it sounds totally normal to me.........

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    Hi December.

    My son is 14 months old..

    1. Wouldnt know what a kiss is (to give) even though ive shown him countless times and kiss him everyday.
    2. Lately i have to sneak out of the room. Once he notices im gone he'll come looking for me whinging. This is normal though, its a part of seperation anxiety.. just them getting use to being a seperate person from you. They do grow out of it.
    3. Jesse does get frustrated if he cant do something. He sits in the bath trying to balance toys on the edge, 1 out of 10 he'll get the others he wont and he gets frustrated he will splash and splash. Other times ive seen him build blocks and cant do it so gets all huff and puffy and whingy.
    4. Exactly the same. He says Hello all the time.. otherwise all we get is Bub bub, sometimes dadadadada or dadddee, maaaaaaam when he's whinging.. thats about it. He does mimick some sounds we say to him. Like if i say wheres the birds he might say birrr but just once. He babbles in baby talk non stop though.
    5. Um.. he's ok.. wont scream but have to distract him with toys or he wont sit still. Perhaps have a basket of toys next to the change table? Ours usually end up all over the floor but we get through it.
    6. I think all babies have their bad days. Jesse does. Days where he'll just whinge and whinge and drives me bonkers. But i think alot of that could be teething, the flu, tired etc. They cant tell us unfortunately whats wrong.
    7. Jesse loves older kids, but not younger. He doesnt like to share either but if another baby takes something off him, he just runs away.. silly boy.
    8. Oh thats for sure..well usually happens with the keys! He goes troppo if you take the keys off him!
    9 & 10.. yep Jesse's the same.

    Jesse usually only has 1 sleep now.
    Sounds like our boys are exactly alike so id say theyre both normal! All kids do things at different ages. But to me i think theyre just fine

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