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    Jasmines cord stump fell off on Tuesday night...and since then its been bleeding a little bit. The Midwife that checked her Monday said it would fall off and possibly have a little blood and scab a bit.

    It still bleeds a bit but no scabbing....

    Is this normal to still be bleeding? I dont recall it happening with Chelsea.

    I dont mean its full on bleeding....just a tiny bit of blood each nappy change.

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    My DS's belly button did the same thing. The midwife said it could continue for up to 3 weeks after the stump falls off.

    As long as it doesn't smell offensive, isn't red or raised or shiny then nothing to worry about.


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    Also Kim, if there is something rubbing on it, it will take longer for the scab to form and the bleeding to stop. Not much we can do about that since they need their nappies on! But you could try and fold the nappy down so it leavs it exposed to air a bit... HTH


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    Izzy's took a little while too hun, a little bit of breastmilk should help it heal a bit quicker!
    What a cutie BTW!!

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