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    Yes my son can roll and his 9 n half weeks old. i put him on his back and belly since he was 4weeks old and on fathers day he rolled from back to front then front to back more then once. and he holds his head so strong watches everything and grabs his toys. he is always playing on the floor and i give him lots of belly time..

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    My second child could roll from back to front at 8 weeks and it worried me sick that she could do it because she would do it in her sleep all the time and I was constantly checking her to make sure she wasn't under her blankets. My first and third were 15 and 14 weeks repectively before they could roll.

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    ryan's been doing it for a couple of weeks now. but doesn't do it in his sleep, yet but he always gets out from under his blankets to the top of the cot. so I'm always checking that hes still covered lol.

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    Joshua holds his head up during tummy time, but no rolling as yet

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    thanks for all replies helps heaps

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