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Thread: birthday party ideas - help!!!

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    Question birthday party ideas - help!!!

    Yasin's second birthday is coming up and I'm looking for 'party' ideas. Personally I'm not keen on parties - I'd rather arrange a fun outing because I feel that they are more memorable than parties ( especially if you have a party every year). The problem is my ILs will chuck a wobbly if they're not invited. Last year was a huge, massive drama because I organised a trip to the aquarium for Yasin and his little friend Hala so MIL organised a party behind my back without my permission and only told DH to tell me a day beforehand then cracked it because I refused to go
    Yasin is quite shy at the moment and wouldn't enjoy the whole sitting down at a cake while people sing at him experience. I don't want him to have a horrid day just because my ILs can't think outside the square but I don't have the energy for an arguement with them or the money to take them all to the zoo. Sooooo... I need to think of something to do that will be fun for Yasin and the ILs can attend. If anyone has any ideas I'm all ears.

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    Depending on the weather, (have a look at the 7 day forecast) why don't you go to a park and have a BBQ. Invite your friends so you don't have to talk to the IL's and the kids can run around and have a good time playing. If you wanted to do the cake thing then maybe have the IL's to your house for afternoon tea after the park and do cake then so Yasin dosn't have the whole park singing to him but everyone will be happy. Just a thought. Goodluck!

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