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    I know Eliza is only feeling her teeth, but she digs them in so far it really hurts. Question: Do you ignore it hoping that it is a faze or do I make the "NO" call and give her a reaction. Do I have a nibbling natty on my hands, I don't want to hear...don't go near her "she bites"!

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    So Eliza scratches, pulls hair and now she bites????? Well I'm not going to let my baby play with yours!!!
    I'd be interesting in knowing an answer to this too. Jenna does open mouth kisses on EVERYTHING and I'm not sure if its a precursor to biting, or just being a really affectionate baby. I'm hoping its the latter - but isn't it funny how we all worry about whether other babies will be allowed to play with our rough babies?


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    Matilda still sometimes does open mouth kisses, but only when she really loves someone

    As far as biting is concerned, Matilda has done it a handful of times & like you said, most times its just testing out those teeth to find out what happens.

    When I teach puppy school, I often tell people to let their pups know everytime their teeth touch their skin, so do what a puppy does, which is let out a high pitched "ow!" so I tried that on Matilda (I was taken off guard because the first time she did it was 14 months) and yelled ow!, she laughed but the next time I did it she got a bit concerned & she's not tried to bite me since, once in a tantrum out of frustration, but I did ow & she stopped again. So I dunno if its just me, but afterwards I tell her that it hurts and ask for a kiss to make it better, which is always indulges me with.

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    Dominic is doing it too,when he gets frustrated about something mostly,but i do the "ow" thing and also NO in a big loud voice,and i think it is working because he has started to stop now...
    As someone else pointed out to me,it is mainly because he is teething i think,and shouldnt continue on past the stage where he learns not to do it...
    I think the key is consistency and things will work out...(this is a learning experience for me,because the girls never bit at all,even when they were teething...So it is hard to know what to do...I guess we have to remember they are only babies and dont know wrong from right yet)
    Hope this helps you some Bec!

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    My daughter is nearly two, I tell her NO and to say sorry to whoever was bitten and I tell her that it hurt them, she is usually sorry, but still does it!

    Mary :shock:

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    Ryley was doing the open mouth kisses then went on to the closed mouth put kiss (very cute) but now he does an open mouth sometimes and then will bite.
    He has only done it a couple of times and the day care ladies have told us not to worry that he will grow out of it but just be consistent with how we react to it.

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