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Thread: biting and pinching - how can we get him to stop

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    mumtomax Guest

    Default biting and pinching - how can we get him to stop

    max is one and has recently started to bite and pinch us. It is meant to be quite playful but it really hurts. i feel like we have tried everything. I was told by someone to ignore it because by responding or giving a reaction it only makes him want to do it more which does make sense but it usually hurts so much that it is impossible to ignore.
    has anyone else had this problem??

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    Colleen Guest


    yep i can relate to this!

    Jaykob used to bite in a bad way, he'd drawn blood more times than Id like to remember, and usually it was while i was bf! ouchies!

    Generally If he bit while bf, i would take him off bb and sit him on the floor for a good minute sometimes longer and eventually he got the jist of it. With General biting, Id do similar but put him in another room. Id have to say he hasnt bitten me for a good 4 of 5 months now, so I guessed it worked for us... Others might have other suggestions too that will help.

    Jaykob never really pinched much but the same sort of thing might work with the biting.

    Is Max teething? Sometimes that can cause them to want to clamp down with their teeth, i found after some trial and error, a great teething gel that helped too.

    Good Luck! Its a trying time isnt it? But it will pass.

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    mumtomax Guest


    thanks Colleen,
    he has been teething so that probably is part of it..but we have been putting the gel on. I will give putting him in another room a go :>
    it sounds kinda silly when you say it but it is driving us bananas.. hopefully it will do the trick
    thanks again
    xox laura

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