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Thread: Blocked/runny noses for newborns

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    Default Blocked/runny noses for newborns

    Hi girls

    Just wondering if anyone has any tips or advice for newborn bubs with runny/blocked noses.Gemma has had trouble sleeping at night the last 2 nights as shes had a partially blocked nose.We bought the Fess nose unblocker and this has helped, but of course she gets really distressed when we use it and so do we.Is it normal for newborn bubs to get runny/blocked noses this soon?

    I'm a first time mum that freaks out at night when I hear her breathing so loudly and she can't sleep because of it.She has been having big naps during the day thankfully and shes getting so exhausted with it.

    Any advice please...............................

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    If you're quick, you can read about Physiomer Baby on the main site, it's for blocked baby noses: [url][/url]

    It's better than others on the market which have preservative in it, Physiomer Baby does not.

    Alternately squirting breastmilk up baby's nose if you are breastfeeding.

    There's not much else you can do for little babies, but it is very common that they get runny and blocked noses, their bodies are all building their own immunity now so you can look at it that way I guess Gastro season is coming up too *waaaaaah*...
    Kelly xx

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Gastro season.............. #-o Great and I'm stressed about a blocked nose! 8-[

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    Kirsty i use a spray in Alex's room called Medic it's from the makers of Lemsip.
    You can buy it from the Chemist and i think some supermarkets sell it.

    I know the last time i used it Alex's runny nose was gone in a few days.

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    Kirsty, MAtilda had a blocked nose at 10 days and we used the physomer and it worked great as well as having steam showers with us where one would hold her in the enclosed bathroom... we also elevated her head for sleeps as this helps things run down rather than collect iykwim?

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    Default New Born/Runny Noses

    Christy, not sure how old Gemma is but you can use baby vicks from 3 months. If Mackenzie had a blocked nose I would rub some on her chest as the vapours would help her with her nose. I'd also roll up a towel to elevate her matress which sometimes helped. She seemed to have a cold every day of the year from day one to 12 months so this is just the beginning! Good luck!

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    i used the fess for jackson and it was fantastic he didnt really mind the squirting. are you using the normal fess spray or the fess little noses? i used the normal, not sure what the little noses is.

    you can also buy a bottle of saline from the chemist and use an eyedropper and just drop one or two drops down each nostril 5 minutes before a feed and before goint to bed. that works well too and not as distressing as the spray.

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    Colleen Guest


    we've always used the saline from the chemist & a vaporizer... apart from helping, it smells great throughout the house

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    Kirsty77 Guest


    Thanks for all your responses............

    Gemma's nose is slowly getting better.We're using the dropper instead of the spray as she finds the dropper detressing enough!

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    You could try baby balsam which is good teamed with the Karvol(decongestant capsules) which can be used from 3 mths.

    I know what you mean about the spray! My little one hates it as well and makes her cry...


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