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    Does anyone know what blood in the poo means for a baby. Our DS is 15 weeks old and this is the second time he's had it. I'm a bit worried.

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    Theres actually a few different causes for this... it could be blood from a minor tear - has he been constipated at all? Or it could be from higher within his GIT... I would definately have him checked out by a Dr to be on the safe side. Keep a note of what colour the blood is too - if its bright red, or dark blackish.

    When my son has nosebleeds, if he swallows a lot of blood it changes his poos to a dark black and tarry colour, which is what digested blood looks like...

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    Gosh that brings back memories of when my littlie scared the daylights out of me as well as there was blood in her poo and alot. It would come and go so i read up on it and found that it could be a fishure tear (not sure how you spell it sorry.) I kept an eye on it and it died down then it came back again and it loked worse so off to the Pediatrician i went freaking out thinking omg it could be this and that1 The ob said it was a small tear (after a sample of the blood was tested and all that they have to do) and very very common in babies who are a little constipated, he said to give her water and it will gradually mend itself, he was right it did. All that stress for nothing and a huge bill for seeing the pediatrician to tell me that!!! I was breastfeeding as well so even breast can cause that too....

    The Pediatrician also said that the blood in the nappie looks alot more than what it is as it is smeared from the poo etc.

    I can understad how stressed you must be and all these things ticking in your head, but i would still have your littlie checked out just in case but it sounds like a tear as ambah has said.

    Good luck and hope it all resolves for you soon


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    It can also be caused with diahorrea. Milo had it the first time I gave him lentils & vegies. It stripped his bowel! :eek:

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