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Thread: bottles and dummy with wind

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    Default bottles and dummy with wind

    do different dummies and bottles make any difference with wind. lachlan has different shape bottles one bottle has like a hole in the middle so when his older he can hold it. and others normal but the one with the hold thing made him so windy.
    and he has nuk dummies and heinz. the heinz ones are the only ones that dont make him windy... should that be normal or is it something wrong with the way im feeding him his bottle??
    he has anti colic/wind help teats so he should get as windy as he did with this one bottle.

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    I don't know if it really makes much difference, except where it comes to flow speed - you need to have the right level teat so that it doesn't flow too fast for bubba. Possibly the one that makes him windy has too fast a flow for him? There is probably nothing wrong with the way you feed him, wind is just one of those things.

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    Yeah i agree with BON you can get fast, medium and slow flow in the teats depending on the age of your child!

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