thread: Which brand of Baby Monitor?

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Which brand of Baby Monitor?

    I have borrowed an Angelcare monitor from friends. They are preggo again so I imagine they will be wanting the monitor back soon so I have to buy another one.
    I don't really want to buy another angelcare for a couple of reasons - I have never used the pads and I don't like how it goes all fuzzy if it is plugged in with other electrical items (or anywhere near a mobile phone).

    What I would like is to get a monitor that has 2 parent units. I am outside in the garage a lot so I would like to be able to have a parent unit in the house and also one out with the computer.

    Does anyone know which brands are able to have 2 parent units? I have seen them but have never paid attention to the brand.

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    Kirsty77 Guest

    Hi Debbie

    Ours only has one unit but has a lcd screen so we can watch bubs and wire it through our tv's so I can watch her on the tv in our room at night.We got ours off ebay who seem to have a great selection at pretty reasonable prices.

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    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    Wow Kirsty - thats pretty cool!!!

    i have the Sleep Easy one, although it only has one parents unit, maybe you could find out if you can buy a second one? it is great, no interference at all.

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    Jan 2005

    Do you want to be able to use both parent units at once, or do you want the convenience of being able to take it outside? The Roger Armstrong one has a clip on parent unit so you can clip it one if you go outside the house etc..

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    May 2004

    We have a Tomy one and it tells you how hot it is in the babies room and bleeps when it is too hot.

    I used this one for Kimberley as well. I don't use the parents monitor i only use it too know how hot it is in Alex's room i can hear him cry through our walls.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Thanks guys.

    Rachael - yep... I would like the extra parents unit so I don't have to keep plugging the darn thing in. I'd like one in the house all the time and one out in the office (garage). Sometimes I forget to bring the parent unit in from outside so it would be good to have one out here permenantly. I just don't know which brand does it. Guess I will have to research some more!

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    Feb 2004

    Hey Deb, I haven't see one with two parents units either...

    I think they all have the potential of making that static sound, some nights we get it and some nights we don't.

    We have a similar one to Kirsty and we love it.

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    Aug 2004

    Gramma bought a second hand one in NZ for us when we were there, it was a safe and sound brand - kinda ugly, but OMG - fabulous reception! Mum and Dads place is about 75sq, so its a huge house, and the baby monitor was able to go from the top floor all the way down to the shop, and that was through layers of concrete, heaps of wires, and loads of furnishings. I was very surprised. It was easy to just clip on my pants and carry around, and I just left the cord to plug into in the sitting room.
    We are currently borrowing a babycoom one, and while it looks cute, it is a heap of crap. I couldn't believe that it was staticky only 5m away from the baby unit.
    Would not recommend it.....