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Thread: Brauer Stomach Calm?

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    Default Brauer Stomach Calm?

    Has anyone used Brauers Stomach Calm before, and if so, how did you find it. DS has reflux but also seems to have a lot of problems with stomach pain - as in going to the toilet and having wind. I saw this in the chemist and thought i might give it a try

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    Hey Em

    I gave DD Brauers Stomach Calm when she was about a month old but I also gave her the colic relief as well. I think that it settled the pain but it didnt stop the vomitting/reflux. My doctor said that about 70% of babies have mild reflux that doesnt really bother them. If you think you DS has bad reflux, maybe see a doctor or paed or ask for advise from a chemist?

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    I have used the stomach calm with my reflux babes, hasn't seemed to do enough for them. BUT I've also used it when Matilda had gastro & its been FANTASTIC for that, and for me when I've had gastro.

    Jovie had problems with wind & constipation as well and we used some chinese herbs from our acupuncturist which worked a treat.

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    I used stomach calm on Matthew, but I found "Infants Friend" to be so much better. You get this one from the chemist too. He didnt have reflux but used to get a lot of wind and would have great difficulty getting it out. His tummy would go rock hard too. I found the Infants Friend worked within a couple of minutes and the wind would come out both ends I believe it is suppossed to disolve the gas bubbles in the tummy.

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