Hi all,

My DD has been taking Brauer's Colic Relief every feed for about the past 7 weeks- at that point I think it really made a difference to us being able to settle her and she started sleeping much longer through the night- although I don't know whether that was just because she had grown up or whether the medicine helped.

When I finished the last bottle I thought we should just go on without it, but the second day after not having any of the medicine, she was very irritable and hard to settle - I went out that day and got a new bottle!!

But now we have finished the bottle again, I am trying her without the medicine again. Today is the second day and she has been fine, up until the last bedtime, which was very irritable, and she has also been crying intermittently during this sleep.

My question is- do you think you can keep taking the colic relief medicine without doing any harm, or her relying on it too much? Depending on how she goes today, I may end up buying another bottle....