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Thread: Breastfeeding dilemma! Sigh! VERY LONG - Sorry!

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    In my opinion, babies don't learn to breastfeed by being bottlefed. It's like saying you will learn how to drive a car by riding your bike to school every day. Bottlefeeding is vastly different to breastfeeding. It's a delicate dance though, because you need to make sure that she is getting enough milk. As I described earlier, it's a good idea to have her skin to skin with you so you observe her early feeding cues (putting hands in her mouth etc) and you can feed her when she is ready (crying is a late hunger sign meaning "well, you didn't feed me when I asked nicely - I'm over it now") so put her on the breast at every feed, and top her up with EBM if you are not sure she is getting enough. You have made the most fabulous progress over the last 12 days. It's amazing! It's important to focus on that. She will feed on the breast, and all of this will be a distant memory.

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    I will certainly take your advice and start breastfeeding. Like you said, bottlefeeding and breastfeeding are two different things. In the long run, I want DD to be breastfed so I guess I should start now even though it will take more energy. I have been doing the skin to skin and it seems like she loves it. I will try the skin to skin and breastfeed using the football position. Hopefully, I will give you some good news soon!

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    Good on you Carmen, fantastic and so impressive to see you give BF a go! Hope all goes well for you both!

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