thread: Breastfeeding older babies.

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    Breastfeeding older babies.

    I am wondering how other mums cope with breastfeeding older babies. Jack is very strong and easily distracted now and he tends to come to me for snacks rather than full feeds which is a pain because he has a habit of feeding until the milk lets-down and then crawling away leaving me with milk squirting all over the place. #-o
    I have tried breatfeeding necklaces, but he tends to come of the boob to play with the necklace...feeding in a quiet place leaves him wanting to go off and explore...oh well...

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    Hi Hypnoharmony

    How old is Jack now? I breastfed all three of my girls til they were around 18 months and found that it only worked with a real set routine so that they knew it was quiet before nap during the day..and before bed etc when they were quietening down anyway.


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    Jack is just over nine months and yes, our family would benefit from a routine!! We have a semi- routine but I find it difficult to establish a good routine as my children aare at such different stages in their lives developmentally ie 2 school aged children and then a baby with very different needs.

    Congrats for making it to 18 months breastfeeding. My aim is to go with baby led weaning this time, so it is really up to Jack. He seems to be a bit of a booby addict to I think we'll be br'feeding for quite a while yet.

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    Hi! Check out the breasfeeding forum (next one down ) As there are many women in the breastfeeding chatter section and further down who discuss breastfeeding older babies & toddlers too