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    We have just come out of hospital with DD3 as she had bronchiolitis (viral pneumonia) and this triggered an asthma attack and shot her blood sugars sky high (she has type 1). In the hospital she had oxygen to help her breathe, ventolin to control the asthma, prednisone to help open the lungs but this also sent her sugar levels up. We had to do her tests every 2 hours overnight so make sure she didn't lapse into a coma. Has anyone ever had their little one get it more than once??

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    Hi Kim, Sorry your little girl has been so sick. I actually dread winter now.

    Last yr my little V was struck down with bronchoilitis at 6mths but at that time it didnt need hospitalisation or meds, we just had to keep an eye on her. She then was hit by the bronchoilitis again at 8mths, this time she had pneumonia as well. She deterioated quickly and that following morning after being admitted was transferred to the childrens hospital at Randwick on life support. She was on Life Support for 5days and in hospital for a 2wks all together. We amost lost her, she had to be resusitated several times. They had told me that after her having all the tubes etc down her throat that she would now be high risk of developing asthma, which I was hoping wouldnt happen.
    Anyway almost a yr later we had her admitted to hospital again, they thought that she may have bronchoilitis again, but due to their not being any infections, and the ventolin and prednisone was working that she had actually developed asthma. So now until the warmer weather hits we are to keep her on ventolin and Flixotide so that we can try and keep her as healthy as possible.
    I hope your little girl doesnt come down with broncholitis again, as it is very scarey and it can change so quickly.
    Thinking of you and your DD and sending get well vibes your way. hugs

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