thread: Bub not cruising at 10 months??

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    Feb 2005

    Bub not cruising at 10 months??

    Hi everyone,

    Just come back from a visit with my gorgeous clinic nurse, sometimes I want to take her home with me.

    Anyway, she was asking what my baby was up to in terms of mobility. I said he has just started crawling on all fours and occasionally pulls himself up on things (to get things he is not allowed to have!!).

    She asked if he is cruising around furniture yet, to which I replied "No". She said that that is what stage 10 months are usually up to. If it was anyone else, I wouldn't have payed as much attention, except that this clinic nurse is soooooo down to earth and I really appreciate her advice.

    Should I be worried? What can I do to encourage my bub to "cruise". I'm gone from a mum who thinks I'll just let my bub develop at his own pace to thinking maybe I should be actively helping him....

    What do other's think? Am I overreacting?

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    Sandra, with the best of intentions, I think your nurse might have said something thoughtless. What 'most children' are up to is based on an average, some are earlier, some are later.
    It is generally accepted that in the early years boys tend towards later development in some aspects of physical co-ordination and social development, I personally believe that you have nothing to worry about and let your little man develop at his own pace.


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    I really wouldnt worry about it at all..and i totally agree with your attitude of letting bubs develop at his own pace. Im sure your clinic nurse didnt mean to alarm you or be insensitive (as it does sound like a silly comment cos the range varies soo much). My girls ranged from 9 to 15 months doing that!!!


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    I completely agree with Kerrie. I wouldnt be too worried about it at all! And as you said - he is already crawling and pulling himself up on things, which shows that he is definately on the right track.
    Some babies don't even start walking until 18 months, yet that is not considered as abnormal.

    I dont think my son started cruising until after 10 months himself... As I remember at his 10 month appt he had only just started bearing weight on his legs. Yet he took his first step at 12 months, and is now a confident walker.

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    I wouldn't worry at all Sandra. You said he is pulling himself up onto stuff so in a few weeks he will be walking around it as well. Kameron started walking 1 week of turning 19mths old so he was very late with the cruising etc. So definitely don't stress about it.


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    Jul 2005

    Wow my first post \/ . I agree with everyone else. Children run there own race. My ds was doing the exact same thing as yours at 10 months, just started crawling yet he walked at 13 months. The milestones are just averages but of course it is normal for us to worry like mad. I have had the CHN say a couple of things that worried the hell out of me but everything turned out fine.