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Thread: Bubs Rolling Around in the Cot

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    Question Bubs Rolling Around in the Cot

    Hi all

    Has anyone had any problems with their baby rolling around in the cot? Riley has only just moved from the basinette to the cot and he can't roll over yet but he seems to move himself around in the cot somehow and end up with his face very close to the cot edges.

    I've heard of some people putting rolled up towels under the sheet around the baby but I thought that would be a suffocation hazard?

    We sleep Riley in a sleeping bag because he hates sheets/wraps etc but it means that it's easier for him to move around...

    Any ideas? Thanks in advance...

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    Jesse's starting to do 180's in his cot.. but thats during the day when he doesnt have his grobag on. Ive found his grobag prevents him from moving which is great for him.
    But ive seens others suggest to put those padding things that you put on seat belts, or something equivelant, on the bars so that if they hit them it wont hurt and then they can still get the air circulation through the bars. Might be an idea? Though you may need a few..

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    Lily used to do this too so we bought a sleep wrap. Its a piece of material that goes around the mattress and then another one attached to it goes around baby so they can't move or roll over.

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    I just let Cooper roll!!! He ends up all over the place.

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    I just let Paige roll and do 360's aswll. She has been since 8 weeks.


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