thread: Can anyone help with what to do about this?

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    Can anyone help with what to do about this?

    My nearly 2 year old keeps taking off her nappy then going toliet then fished around in her overalls to get it so she could play with it and spread it everywhere!

    Can anyone help with how to stop this?

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    Hi vsollitt-

    I have a 3 y/o son and having problems with #2 as well.. he hates doing them on the toilet. He has been TT for 6-8 months now with #1's but just cant seem to get the hang of doing #2's... he's in undies and poops them all the time, he tryes to cover it up occasionally and takes it out and puts it into the toilet...doesnt spread ot everywhere but i have heard parent complaining bout their kids putting it everywhere... I think its a phase.... is she TT?????

    If she's still in nappies and is taking them off maybe she's ready for toilet or potty... i would say maybe try and start teaching her to do them in the toilet... i brought my son some great little books few weeks ago bout toilet training (sesame street ones etc) seem to be helping.... worst thing is getting cranky i found the more upset i got with my DS the worse he was getting...

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    Not long ago DS1 went through a phase of taking off his nappy (or undies, whatever he was wearing) each time he did a poo. I was advised that ignoring the behaviour is the best way to deal with it. DS1 had other ideas so when I didn't react to the nappy being taken off he went one step further and started smearing the poo everywhere. That got a reaction and he kept doing it. I stopped reacting, I would just take him to the toilet and clean him up without a word, then clean the poo up from wherever while in was in the bath. After a week of that he got bored with it and hasn't done it since. I think you will find it is a short lived phase and the best way to deal with it is to not react. Easier said than done I can tell you, but worth it when the behaviour stops.