thread: can anyone recommend a baby monitor brand?

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    BellyBelly Member

    Feb 2005
    Mid North Coast NSW

    can anyone recommend a baby monitor brand?

    i want to buy a baby monitor that has a fairly long range, with good quality sound. im not too worried about other features, just quality and distance, so would love some feedback from anyone in the know...

    thanks in advance.


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    Oct 2003
    Forestville NSW

    We bought a Tommy Tippee one which was great, but we have only used it twice.... both times we went away with friends & were visiting in their room next door & thats when we used it, but we heard Matilda just as loud without it LOL

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    Nov 2004

    We have an Angelcare Monitor and it is great. It has a breathing sensor under the matress and it alarms when there has been no movement or breathing after 20 secs. We have used it constantly since Amy was born. It is more expensive than the sound monitors but it is worth it for piece of mind. As DH says 'What does a baby sound like when it stops breathing' referring to the sound only monitors as they wouldn't pick it up (unless you were listening for every sound).

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    Sep 2004

    We have a Swann(?) infared camera baby monitor, it comes in handy when the babies try get out of bed etc.........

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    Sep 2004
    Melbourne, Australia

    Like Gemma, we think the Angelcare sound and movement monitor is fantastic. I think it cost $179, but we use it constantly and it is very reassuring (particulary as our bub had some episodes where she stopped breathing before coming home from hospital).

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    Jul 2004

    I have the angelcare monitor too. But have never used it!

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    Aug 2004

    We just bought one in NZ at a scond hand baby shop. Its a safe and sound one, probably about 5 years old, and it was $60. It certainly does the job. I like the fact the receiver/transmitter can be on 9V batteries or on mains power.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I have an angelcare monitor too. We are borrowing it from friends who didn't end up using it.
    I haven't used the pads under the mattress because I have heard that they go off for no reason and I didn't want to become too much of a worry-wart (no offense to those that do use them - it's just that I would obsess because I can be a bit like that at times).
    I think there's been another thread about this but a few of us with Angelcare monitors have found them to get a bit of interference if they are plugged in with other appliances or in certain areas of a room. It doesn't bother me too much because we play music in Gabby's room so it drowns out the interference most times.
    If I was going to buy a monitor, I think I would just get a relatively inexpensive one that was just sound and none of the other fancy stuff. That's all I have used it for n e way!
    I don't use it at night because Gabby's room is right next to ours and I can hear her as clear as day when she wakes up n e way.

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    Nov 2003

    We have an angelcare sound only monitor & are quite happy with it. It used to buzz a little bit when we turned a certain light on but then we changed the sort of lightbulbs we used and it stopped buzzing LOL.

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    Nov 2004

    The Angelcare monitors do go off when the baby moves off the sensor pad as we are finding out when Amy gets around her cot.

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    Fire Fly Guest

    Ive had a Phillips monitor for 2 half years now and find it to be really good. Its distance is 250m which was really important to me as we live on acreage. There are a few models to chose from. Ours is the dearer one. There are some really good brands on the market now. Just read the box and ask heaps of questions when purchasing one.

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    Ex adm!n, quietly rusting....

    Feb 2004

    We have an Angelcare monitor as well & found HUUUUGE interference with it, but I unplugged my phone charger one night & there's no more buzzing at all!

    I haven't used the pads even though there is a history of SIDs in my side of the family. I think it's worth the money, but we couldn't use it -FYI if you use a Snugglebed the sensors don't feel the movement through the 2 mattresses.

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    rails2005 Guest

    We have borrowed a friend Sleep Easy Monitor its 5 years old and still works wonders i have been to a friends property and it worked 1/2km from there house - it even picks up next doors baby if i have it too loud - really great !!! - not sure though how much they are but you can buy them everywhere.