thread: Can you reccomend a Doc who will order separate MMR in Melb?

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    Feb 2007
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    Can you reccomend a Doc who will order separate MMR in Melb?

    Hi everyone.

    Just hoping someone can recommend a doctor to me in Melb who is happy to order the MMR vacc seperately from the UK.

    I am down on the mornington peninsula but happy to travel anywhere.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Apr 2007
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    Sorry I don't have any useful input for u, but just wanted to say that I too was going to ask this question closer to my baby's 12 month MMR shots.

    We did ask about separate shots for her 8 week immunisations (just to see what doc wld say) and our GP said its very do-able to have got the 8 week shots separately. We went with the 2 shots combo anyway as there was low risk of side effect for those shots. Not so for MMR, as I'm sure most mums wld be aware.

    Not too sure how different MMR would be but I'm sure as heck not going to give the standard combined shot to her given the (admittedly anecdotal, but still very alarming) evidence of a link with autism. My DH developed Crohns Disease right after his MMR and after reading about the so called links between MMR, Autism and Crohns, i'm taking no chances with my girl.


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    Jul 2006

    I have been thinking about this recently. So is it difficult to find a Dr who will do it seperately? I assumed I could just ask my GP about it, but I guess not

    I will be watching this thread with interest.

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    Pretty sure any GP can do it. It just if they are willing to do it.
    I dont have a regular GP. The one i used to see, would look at me like i had two heads if i asked her, i just know it! So i thought if i could find one that had happily done it for someone else i would just see them.
    But i will book in to see a local one and and ask them if we don't get any feedback here. There's no hurry, she is one 5 weeks old!