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Thread: Can't think of a new years resolution?

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    Default Can't think of a new years resolution?

    I have an idea for some of you who might not be doing this already... I think it's soooo important especially on a regular basis...


    In fact, I challenge you all out there to find a mum who you are close with and have an arrangement to watch each other's children on a regular basis - so that way you both get some time out and the kids can play with each other It's lots of fun and easier as the kids keep each other occupied So give yourself some extra support and time out, leave the kids for an hour, two or more depending on what you feel you can offer each other so you can get out and shop, relax or go for a massage. \/ Do it once a week or once a fourtnight, but you will be surprised what it can do for your sanity.

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    Ooh - that's a great one Kel!! Although the buddy thing sounds a bit daunting for me just yet (I would worry that if both bubs needed attention Emma would come second best IYKWIM? Once she's older it would be different) I am going to have a regular babysitting time with both the nannas!

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    This would be great for me except i don't know any other mums

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    Hehe.. there's a good episode on Desperate Housewives with Lynette finding regular 'playdates' for her bratty twins. heheh. She does her best to keep it too so her and her DH can keep enjoying the time off

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    That sounds like a wonderful idea Kelly.

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