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    Car seat..

    I have just been reading up a little about rearward facing carseat and when to turn them around...i want to wait until bubs is 12 months old..however my car seat says rearward up to 9kgs, he's only 7.6kgs at the moment..but it also says up to 700mm, he's 720mm in length...I don't know what to do. I don't have the manual for the thing anymore and I can't find any information on the was brand new and cost alot of money and it's not even on the website anymore.=S
    It's a GO SAFE classique. Can anyone help me please? is he too tall? would it be safe to have him stay rearward? should I buy a new car seat that supports up to 12kgs?

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    The safest thing would be to buy another seat that can be rearward until 12 kgs, but it's a lot of money and you mightn't get that much use out of it unless you have another child. It will also have a height limit, although this would be longer than 700 I'm sure. So really it's up to you. Many people do turn their bubs around at 8 kgs but as you know it's safer to wait. My DS is still rearward at 14 months (10kg) and will be that way for a while to come (he's in a safe n sound meridian).

    You shouldn't turn him around yet as he's not quite 8 kgs, but if you keep the same seat you should probably turn him around as soon as he hits 8kgs, as it might not be safe to keep him rearward beyond the weight limit.

    GL with your decision.

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    Hi, have you contacted the maker to find out the specifics of your seat?

    Other than that I would agree getting another seat would be best, if you don't want to turn him around. They can be expensive but keep your eye out for the sales that the big shops have when a new style comes in. I saved $100 on our spare seat. it's a fisher price one and it can be re-ward until 12ks. I got it from Target.

    Our turn a tot only goes up to 9ks but I would much prefer to turn him around by the time he's 6 months old, but then he holds himself up well and is really interested on what's going on, I think he will love being turned around.

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    I thought you could leave them rear facing to either the weight or length limit.. Which ever came last kwim? Also the weight limit is a guideline you can ring the manufacturer and see what the seat has been tested to weight wise. Some seats have been tested to 12kg but they recommend 8 or 9 kg..

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    Bec, have you seen the research on rear facing vs forward facing? it is MUCH safer to travel rearward facing which is why it is recommended that you don't turn your child around until they reach the weight limit (ie 12kgs for most seats in Aus). In Sweden they make larger rear facing seats that kids stay in until age 4 and they have far fewer injuries. There is a post on here somewhere, there is a video and all to show the difference in an accident.

    This is why Tom is still rear-facing at 14 months and will be until 12 kgs. He doesn't mind as he can see Jack and they make faces at each other. It is harder with child no 1 though I think as they get bored. But you can try toys and things to keep them occupied and also buy mirrors for them to see as well. Personally I would wait as long as before before turning around.