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    car seat

    Hi, Im just wondering, I have got a car seat that Im going to use from birth. Thing is it doesn't look all that comfortable. I was going to get a snuggly safe n sound one, but three friends bought me this as a present and Im wondering if there's anything I can put in to make it more comfy (sheep skin or something) and if anyone has used a seat from birth and what they did! It looks like it's on an angle where babys head will fall as well.
    Any help appreciated xoxo

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    I'm sure you can put in a sheepskin insert as long as it has the slots for the seat belts to go through.
    I'm not sure I understand about the head rest part. As long as it says suitable from birth and is rear facing it should be ok. Maybe find out where they got it from and go to the store and ask the sales assistant about your concern.
    I received a car seat as a gift when I had Angus and wasn't entirely happy with it, but accepted it anyway and have cursed about it on many occasions since. If you feel you can ask them if they don't mind if you exchange it then do so, and then maybe get the one you want. IKWYM about not wanting to offend them though as that was my problem.
    The one I was given was a fisher price and I really prefered a safe and sound as we had one for Mason.

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    Mar 2005
    Sydney, NSW

    Ok, all is good!! Thanks Sam for your advice! I realised I would not enjoy having a carseat I don't like, so Im going to pass it on to MIL, who will need one and was going to use a second hand one (at least this is new) and I will buy the one I had my heart set on. I have a friend who gets it cheap, so it's not so bad. I don't want to tell my friends, as it couldn't be returned now anyway as all the packaging is gone etc. Im happy to give it to MIL, it's a good seat, just not from birth and for everyday use.
    Thanks again xo

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    Custardtart Guest

    If your MIL is going to want to use it while the baby is still small, you can get head and neck cushioned supports for babies. A specialist baby store should have them.


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    Good thinking there Meg.