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    Feb 2004

    Car Sick Baby

    Just wondered if anyone has had experience with a baby being carsick?

    I'm working twice a wekk now & on Fridays I have to get Zander up, give him a bottle then drive an hour to work. There's no other way to do it, mum & I overlap working by an hour so she takes him home for the rest of the day.

    Anyway the first time was Friday last week. I got to work got Zander out of his carseat & into the capsule to go to mum & he vomited EVERYWHERE. It wasn't a normal reflux one it was from the bottom of his stomach & he was heaving (which was very scary). He was fine afterwards & I thought it must have been a once off. Nope, he did the same thing this Friday while he was still in the car & it was actually a little scarier this time too.

    He's been on long drives before & has never had a problem, he's even been on a 4hr harbour cruise which was pretty rough & he had bottles while on board. Mum thinks it might have been cos he is facing forward now & his body just isn't used to it yet. What do you guys think? We're going to get his 6month needles on the 20th so I'll ask then, but wanted to know if any of you guys had expereinced anything like it.....

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    Aug 2004

    Wow sarah - that sounds a bit scary.

    I only have the problem with Jenna chucking in the car cause I think she's cramped up facing backwards. but I get really carsick, so it wouldn't surprise me.

    Is there anyway you can do the trip without giving him all the bottle first? Maybe give him half before you leave, and then the rest when you get there? Or would he crack it?


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    Oct 2003
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    Sarah Matilda did this when we were on our way down Tamborine Mtn, now she does it everytime we come down the mountain (which is weird because she's fine going up...) But she will not have eaten for 2-3 hours had only water and STILL vomit up that yucky cheese smelling stuff.... I do think it is a form of car sickness and being changed around can cause it, like coming down the mountain their bodies aren't used to moving that way constantly yet. With Matilda now when we come down we put towels out around her & give her sips of water to help get her settled. No luck yet unfortunately... but she doesn't vomit at other times. :-k

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    Feb 2004

    It is weird that Matilda only spews going down :-k But Tambourine Mountain is a pretty bad drive (that's where O'Reilly's is right?)

    I could wait to give him the bottle Fi, but if I did it means he gets up at 7.00 has an hour drive, an hour at work then an hour drive which means he's up for 3hrs before a bottle which he would not accept. And once he starts a bottle he just won't stop!