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Thread: change in sleep at night

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    Default change in sleep at night

    Hi, DS (almost 8mnths ) has changed his sleeping patterns again :evilgrin: :evilgrin: :evilgrin:

    He was sleeping from 7pm to 6-6.30am, which wsa great.. we were giving him dinner at about 5.20pm and the last bottle about 6.40 after his bath.. some days he would have a 3rd nap, appr 4.30pm- 5.20pm, then we would start his dinner etc.. the last 3 nights it has been harder to get him down for the 3rd nap, so by the time he goes to sleep , he sleeps from about 5-6pm, we then give him dinner, at about 6.10pm, bath, and then attempt to give hima bottle at 7pm, but he is not hungry as he only had tea less then an hr ago, by 7.30 he may have had about 120mls (like half he ws having) and then he goes to bed, now he wakes up like 4.30am, and is hungry, last night i fed him, and he took 240mls, the onyl thing is, he then wont go to sleep, just talks til we get up at 7am, but we dont go back to sleep either.. :glare: :glare: :glare: :glare: he is teething we know that, but i dont think this is waking him up.. i know i shouldnt be feeding him, but last night i did, as i knew he would be hungry.

    Also his morn sleep and arvo sleep are about 1 half hrs each, so they are ok...

    Should i drop this last sleep, i think it is putting his dinner(food) & milk to close together... he has been on 3 solids now for about 3weeks. and is loving his food.

    The all night sleeps were great, and i really think this catnap is effecting night sleeps

    Any suggestions

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    Hi Maggie, sorry to hear DS is giving you trouble....they all do though Just when you think you've got it sorted they like to shake it up a bit!

    As you said, I would try and lose the 3rd 8months he's probably ready to drop it. It might be a bit more work on your him some extra attention to help stretch him out until bedtime but if you get a full nights sleep it might be worth it! I can't remember now exactly when my kids dropped thier 3rd sleep but I have a feeling it was around 6months....??

    Anyway, good luck with it, hope those teeth pop through soon and that you all get some sleep!

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    I think, that maybe you may have to drop the cat nap in the afternoon,
    My DD is 9 months and has been having 2 sleeps for about 2 months. she has one around 9-9:30till 11-11.30 then one around 2 till 4, and then goes to bed around 6:30-7:30pm.
    She does not sleep through so I can not help you with that.

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    Definitely drop that third nap. Most recommendations are that your baby doesn't sleep past 4.00 pm or else they won't go to sleep at night.

    Cooper has been down to 2 naps for a while now. He has one starting around 8.00 am and the other around 2.00 pm.

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    As the others have said best to get rid of the third nap. We also recently started having probs with our 3rd nap but she was waking from her 2nd too early so would start to get tired at tea time, in the end I had to extend the time she was awake for between 1st and 2nd nap.
    See how it goes, it could just be a phase he is going thru and might start sleeping thru again.

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    maggie Guest


    thanks guys.. i so hope so.. he was doing so well, and the 3rd cat nap is always a struggle, i will make hi slunch time sleeper later then what he was going down so he isnt awake for so long between 2nd nap & bed ...

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    Is he waking in the night (so goes sto sleep to start with), or not going to sleep at night?

    DS' sleep changed at 8-9 months, from memory its developmental an quite common at this age.. I will see if I can track down the quote, its from one of Pinky's books

    "As your baby develops new skills such as crawling and pulling herself up on her feet she will probbaly "practise" these newfound skills in her sleep. This processing of new information is apparently fabulous for infant brain development, even if it means parents will be woken by babies bumping into the sides of cots several times a night"
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    Hi, he goes to sleep, and self settles in under 5mins,,,

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