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    I have a 7 week old baby boy who for the last few weeks has been doing great night time sleeping sometimes 5 hours in a row. For the last few nights he will only sleep for 2 hours at a time and want a feds and sometimes in the early moring every hour. Is this a growth spurt ? am getting very tried.

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    beastie Guest


    gem, thats absolutely normal

    i dont know the english word for it, in german you would say menthal jumps
    he does it every few weeks, you'll notice that he is sleeping not very much und he is grumpy the whole day. maybe he drinks not as much as before
    it wont be long at all.
    after that he can do a lot of new things, grasping for example

    if you like i can have look for the weeks, when it happens
    one jump is around the ninth week... i think it could be.. he is in the eighth week...

    and a few times in babys life they change their sleep pattern without any reason

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    gem it sounds like a growth spurt to me, but like beastie said it could be a mental jump as well. Going through something developmentally can be pretty hard work for newborns & they use alot of resources to get through them. Generally things settle down after a few days of it. Good luck!

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