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Thread: Cheeky little monster!

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    Default Cheeky little monster!

    So we put Peter down to bed at about 7pm tonight as usual. At about 7:30pm, he woke up and since then has been cooing and chattering and gurgling away in his cot. Since he seemed perfectly happy, we thought we would just leave himself to put himself back to sleep. Finally about 5 minutes ago (so after an hour of playing), I thought I better poke my head in.

    I open the door quietly and walk in and suddenly....ZOOM...this crazy thing in a sleeping bag comes hurling from one end of the cot to the other in super crawl mode, giggling like crazy!

    I had heard about the crawling around the cot thing, but this is the first time for us! Of course, I should have just quietly put him back down and told him to go to sleep, but I got excited and yelled out to DH to come and see!

    I put him on his back and he's been quiet ever since. He probably exhausted himself!!

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    Default gorgeous!! I just LOVE these moments. There is just NOTHING better!

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    Thats hilarious!!! Where is the video camera when you need it!!! lol

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