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    I have a small problem Kimberley will not stop chewing one side of her hair.

    Anyone got any tips on what i can do to stop this.
    I have tried putting it up that only works until she takes the things out. I have thought about cutting it but the problem may come back again when it gets back to that length. Plus it's taken till now to get to that length after she cut her long hair off last year.

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    I've tried headbands but no luck she just takes them out.
    The hair getting stuck and staying in her has crossed my mind. I'm wondering when it gets passed that shoulder length stage she will stop as it's the end of the hair she is chewing.

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    Would a reward chart type thing work or would she still be a bit little for that!!!

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    Mitch the reward chart sounds like a good idea we did use one once before with her.

    I did just shock Kimberley and cut off the little bit she was chewing on. Hopefully me doing that might stop her.

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    I think the "rewards" chart is a great idea.... may work... good luck. I remember chewing my hair when i was little and i am still alive!! :P

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