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    I've just started Yasin in childcare. I thought it would be good for him to make some new friends, have new experiences and for me to have some quiet time. Now he's not settling in so well (his second week was today) and I'm questioning if I made the right desicion.
    So... do you think that a toddler benefits from spending some time (1 day a week) in childcare? How long would you give them to settle in before taking them out?
    He doesn't have many freinds his age (two) and none of them are boys. Are same sex freindships important at his age?

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    Eliza is in daycare one day a week, the benefits are starting to show now and although she has worked out when we pull up that she would really prefer to stay..her carers reassure me this passes within a few minutes of me leaving. Today she was doing finger painting as I left and was so excited.these are the sorts of things I forget to do with her. Her social skills hae always been good she is slow to speak but they are helping her there. As for friends I know the older (she is in a toddys room 18m - 3 yrs) the older girls love to look after her nuturing their motherly instincts, but she would rather play with the boys in the sand with the trucks. I feel guilty on the days where I am not at work ( like today) but the ability to go the supermarket and doctors on these days are priceless.
    I sometimes think it is harder on us than them

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    Awww Chloe, its so hard isnt it!

    Aidyn started daycare for 2 days per week at around 20 months, and for the first few times he cried a fair bit when I dropped him off...
    The first two times I was called back to pick him up, as he was too upset, and they didnt want it to stick in his mind as being a traumatic experience.
    Is there any way for the first few times that you could just leave him there for a couple of hours, then come and pick him up (say before naptime), and then increase this length each time?

    I dont know about same sex friendships specifically... I think Aidyn shows a bit more interest in playing with the boys at this age, but he still is not very social, he seems to watch them, or plays next to them rather than with them...
    The interaction with the other kids in general is great though, because he has learnt so much off them just by being with them and watching them - mroe than he learns off us at home!
    Plus I love the artwork and activities that he does every day, I think he would find it more interesting than just doing stuff with boring old me... there is a greater variety.
    I also think its good in that he has gotten used to being looked after by other people, so if there ever were an emergency and he had to go to someone else, I think he would cope a lot better from it.

    Goodluck, I hope Yasin settles in soon enough... it just may take a little time...
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    Chloe, I am not sure about same sex friendships or anything. Poor Charlie only has female sisters and cousins and friends.......

    In terms of childcare, Charlie took a few sessions to warm up to it. He started at around 12 months and started on half days, then just before Lexie arrived, he moved to a full day (9am - 4.30pm), just once a week.

    The first few times I left him, I cried and he cried. But then I dropped Olivia off into her room and returned to "spy" on Charlie and he was always having a ball!!

    Now when I drop him he stretches his arms out for the child care teacher: his face is all grins and excitement. He seemed to take around a month to warm up to the whole thing, and now he loves it.

    Personally, I am a fan of childcare for my children. Each to their own, of course, but for me and my children it works well. They get to do a whole range of things that we don't do at home, they seem to learn different things, they certainly learn about concepts such as sharing early on. And quite simply it makes me a better Mummy for the break. (I know this is certainly not the case for everyone, but it works very well for me.). I feel SO refreshed after a Friday (when Olivia and Charlie both go to child-care for the day).

    I think the key is to be 100% sure you are happy with the centre, then give it a month. Really watch his behaviour: both at home and in the child-car eenvironment. (When Charlie went to full days, I would sneak in after having gone to do my droceries to "spy" on him, and I really believe he is happy there.) Can you do something like that? To give you a true idea?


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    Kaitlyn is in daycare 3 days a week first it was very hard for her but now she loves it!. It took about 2months for her to really settle in and start enjoying it and they say if they are there less then 3days a week it can take longer .

    They do settle in though ..Kaitlyn walks herself to the door and straight into the carers arm!.

    Although ...a tip ..get your DH to drop him off as I know if I drop Kaitlyn off she sometimes still gets upset when I leave but with DH she doesnt.

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