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Thread: Chinese cloth prefolds

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    Default Chinese cloth prefolds

    I'm wondering whether anyone has used these, what they thought of them etc, and whether you were able to get them locally, as I've only seen them on US websites?

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    LOVE THEM!!!! Especially with Bummis covers. I thought too that I could only get them in US, but ther are heaps of suppliers here, they are just 3 times the price of US ones.
    Apparently postage is a killer.

    They are great to clean up, wash and hang out. Tehy take up heaps less space, and are really absorbant. I would search around on google, maybe for "modern cloth nappies, prefolds or something like that, and you will get a few suppliers pop up.

    Also, consider the hemp ones, as they are SOOOOO soft!!! I got some recetnly with my wonderoos as inserts, adn I wish I had spent a bit more money on these cause they are lovely.


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