thread: a circumcision question for any jewish mums

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    Feb 2007

    a circumcision question for any jewish mums

    I don't know whether I'm having a boy or girl, but I'm already dreading having a bris (ritual circumcision, for anyone else who might be reading this!). It was a very difficult decision to do it with my DS and although the bris itself went all right, there were problems afterwards - medically minor, but very distressing for me and baby at the time. However, the decision's made, and if I have another boy I'll be doing it again. That said - I'd like to know if it's possible to have a non-religious circumcision and do the ceremony separately - if that would be any less painful for the baby. Alternatively, any recommendations of mohels would be appreciated! The guy I used last time was no doubt perfectly competent but his manner left a bit to be desired. Any advice appreciated!

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    Hi, sorry no advice but just wanted to wish you luck

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    I'm not Jewish (per say)... but my husband is Israeli Jewish.
    We prractice some Jewish traditions... the brit being one of them.
    When we had a DS (18 months ago)... we had trouble finding a mohel to do a brit because I wasn't Jewish.
    Someone recommended a mohel, who was willing to do it, if it was a private ceromony... which is what I had intended on anyway. There were no blessings or prayers done. It was all done very quickly, and very little distress from my son (who would cry more when he had a nappy change).
    I don't know his name/number right now... but it is the same mohel that Yael (mod) used... so she might have his details handy. If not, I can find out this evening. He is in Balaclava... but if you pick him up - he will go to any suburb.

    I'm assuming you are in Melbourne???

    The other alternative is a Jewish doctor who works from a medical centre in Noble Park, and another in Hampton Park. He has a website:
    (some of his fee is covered by medicare - whereas the mohel we used is not)

    hope this is of help to you

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    I'm not jewish at all but we made the decision to get DS done anyway. We just went to another obstetrician who does it as well. So if you are in Queensland I can give a recommendation as he is the only one really on the coast that does them. Good luck.

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    Thanks everyone. Yes Jodie I am in Melbourne, just forgot to mention this important detail! Bad case of pregnancy brain...

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