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    Kylie0210 Guest

    Cloth Nappies


    Just wondering if anyone uses cloth nappies all the time?

    I've just started using cloth full time to save money and must admit that its a lot easier than I first thought it would be. I can't believe the negative comments I get though when out when changing DS and others see that I don't use disposables.

    What do you use? I have a couple of the motherease one size, and I weakened yesterday and ordered some of the motherease sandies to try also. I also have some totsbots and covers which I like also.

    Has anyone used the all in one nappies that you can get online from the USA? I've been looking but don't know what to buy.... I think this could get addictive, lol :-k

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    Hi Kylie

    I used cloth nappies on Kameron till he was about 18mths old, and have just refolded them all again ready for our 2nd born. I don't order them online. Just buy the terry towelling ones myself in places like Kmart etc. I have no bother with having to fold them etc gives me something to do in a day.

    Most people were amazed when I used to change Kamerons cloth nappies. I was even praised by a nurse at my GP's surgery when she saw Kameron was in a cloth nappy.

    I seriously cannot comprehend having to spend $37 for a box of 108 newborn nappies (huggies) just about every week if we used disposables fully (just brought a box yesterday for those times when we go out and you don't want to carry a wet nappy around)

    I only got huggies cause I had a voucher for them but once they are gone it will be back to babylove disposables. Although that 108 will last me quite a while, since I hardly go out LOL.

    Love :smt049

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    BellyBelly Member

    Jun 2003

    Hey Kylie

    I dont actually use cloth nappies yet, but know a great group of girls in Australia that do. You can buy some excellent fitted cloth nappies & aio's here in Australia, both made here & imported.

    here are some places to look up.

    theweewuns (Janie, makes here)

    noahskingdom (Lori, imports from US)

    cuddlybub (Michelle, makes & imports)

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck.

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    Nov 2003
    Kilmore Vic

    Hi there,

    Cloth nappy users are a dying breed. I used cloth nappies all the time with my 1st, except when we went to QLD for 2 wks holidays as I didn't want to carry dirty nappies in the car. I won't be a hypocrite though as when I was working full time with my 2nd I ended up using dispoasbles during the day and cloth at night, because I just couldn't work full time and keep up with the washing. DH wouldn't dream of using the washing machine or drying or folding clothes.

    My 3rd baby everybody looked at me weird when I put cloth nappies on my baby. They couldn't believe I would bother. But it is HEAPS cheaper and don't that much of a drama to wash. I have about 60 cloth nappies,(people who gave up on cloth kept giving me brand new never used nappies, so I was rapt.). I was given a whole pile of newborn nappies when I had Jemma and so I used them until I ran out, which was good in the first month as you are so busy getting into routine.

    Now she's 1 and I buy Safeway brand nappies for her to wear when I go out, because it's convenient, and I can throw them away, but I too don't go out much. My next baby is due in Sept and I will have Jemma at 19months old and in nappies too but I will still use cloth. I fell my babies have had less nappy rash then others in disposables and they sleep better with the cloth.

    Cheers Michelle

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    Nov 2004
    Melbourne VIC

    I defintely want to use cloth nappies once we have a baby. There's just something about them.....softer, cuddlier, and just smell nicer in general I think!! A girl I used to work with is big on environmentally friendly cleaning etc, and by the time her son was 18 months, she had used 3 disposable nappies.
    Just out of curiosity, how much are cloth nappies? It's not something I have priced before.
    I'm interested to know how many people use/d cloth and whether you think it's a better way to go than disposables.

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    Jackie Guest

    I used cloth for all 3 of mine, only had 14 months between the two youngest, but still used cloth nappies, unless we went out. Like the others have said not really that much of a drama.
    I always thought it was better for baby as they get more air on their bottoms..
    Of course this was years ago and I'm guessing that disposable nappies now are probably better than they were then, with all the extras they have, as in keeping babies skin dry etc...

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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!
    2,877 can buy a pack of 12 terry towelling cloth nappies for around $25 in Coles.

    I use cloth for Olivia at home......I find I am slightly in the minority, but only just: a lot of NT Mums opt for cloth as there are no water restrictions up here, and due to the humid climate nappy rash seems a lot worse if you use disposables all the time.

    I just use the terry towelling squares.....I have looked into all the fited types and got so confused!

    We use disposables (VIP or BabyLove) for day trips and when travelling........

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    BellyBelly Member

    Aug 2003
    Melbourne, Australia

    Megan we used cloth to begin with and disposables when we went out. But there was a period there where we were out all the time, due to Dr visits etc and then I just got use them and they became to easy.

    I wanted to use cloth because of the environment. I even bought nappy liners that were biodegradable and I use Aware laundry detergent. I had a lot of guilt about the nappy thing (more than stopping BF LOL!) We now have disposable nappy recycle company pick up our nappies once a fortnight. It made me feel better.

    We just bought toweling nappies from Target. If you decide to go disposable buy some toweling nappies anyway, they are great for all sorts of things-bibs, put under bub when nappy free time etc etc.

    We only buy Coles brand disposables. They have been the best for Alana and trust me I have tried heaps of brands including Huggies and Snugglers. She just wets right through them.

    My suggestion is to have both on hand and make the decision when bubs is actually at home.

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    Hi girls

    I have done a list to all the other discussions about cloth nappies HERE