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    Cloth Wipes

    Hi, I am looking at using cloth wipes at nappy time instead of commercial wipes, I was wondering if face washes are fine to use. I have also read that some people store them in a container on the change table to make it more convenient. Do you wet them, wring them out and then store them in the container or do you store them in a container of water and wring them out as you use them (throwing them in wash after use of course).

    Also have read that some people cut up old flanelette sheets and hem them, do you have to hem flanelette (I dont have a sewing machine).

    Sorry if they are silly questions.

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    Hi there,

    We're using face washers as wipes to save waste and cost and we're finding it very efficent and easy. We don't find that there's extra washing etc as we just throw them in with the cloth nappies (hence my husband turning some blue!!).
    We've just put a bowl of water next to the change table and we soak and wring out face washers as we need them, and change the water over every day. I would say that you wouldn't need to hem the flannlette maybe just cut off the stray threads after each wash.
    Hope this helps


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    I purchased some good wipes and cut up an old flanelette shirt, and a sheet - they aren't the best, but are a good fill in for removing most of the poop from the bottom before using the good ones.. lol

    I just have a container of water that I change at every nappy change, because I replace it with warm water (I think its nicer for their bums!).

    Then I just throw them in with the nappies.

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    I also cut up flannel sheets and some old towels to use as wipes. To wet them, I bought a plastic dispenser for soap/shampoo and filled it with water and a few drops of baby oil. At change times, I just soak a bit of the cloth and the poo comes off really easily.

    I only pre-wet cloths when we're going out. It's so easy to do and much better for bub's skin.


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    I went to spotlight and bought a pack of 10 face washers for $5 and they're fine. I use plain water and wet at the time of the nappy change, I found that keeping them in a "solution" made them a bit weird and almost musty.

    When going out I either wet them and put them in a ziplock bag, or leave them dry and take a bottle of water with me to use.

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    I use a combination of old face washers, an old towel I cut up and some I made from terry scraps from home made nappies. I keep a spray bottle of water near the table that I use to wet the wipe. Once done it goes in with the rest of the nappies. No extra trouble if you are already using cloth nappies.

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    Thanks heaps everyone, that really helps