thread: Clothing sizes & coth nappies

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    Nov 2003

    Clothing sizes & coth nappies

    Just a question for anyone using cloth nappies on their bubs... Do you find the little bit of extra bulkiness in the cloth nappy means you have to go up a size in clothing?


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    Nope I didn't at all Angel. Kameron was still in 00000 at birth with a cloth nappy on


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    Mar 2004

    Hi Angel.

    Not really but as he was outgrowing some clothes, I could still get wear out of them in a disposable but not so much when he was in cloth - not a HUGE difference though. HTH.


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    May 2003
    Beautiful Adelaide!


    I don't find it makes a difference. Clothing sizes for babies clothes vary so much anyway.....Bonds are on the "mean" size, whereas Marquis (from Grace Brothers) are HUGE! So you tend to just have an array of stuff that fits over a cloth nappy & you don't look at the sizes after a while.......

    (For example, in Bonds with a cloth nappy Olivia is in a size 1, but in a Marquis with a cloth nappy she is still in 00!)


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    Nov 2003

    Thanks girls! Was hoping it wouldn't make too much of a difference otherwise he's not going to get to wear half the clothes we were given LOL!!