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    Wasnt' sure where to post this, will give it a go here. i seem to have a cold/flu/hayfever thing and was wondering what I can take. have been having panadol which is doing almost nothing. I have a sore throat, itchy throat, blocked nose, headache and feel a cough coming on.
    thanks ox

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    You poor thing Meg - I hate having a cold during Summer, but its seems like it's doing the rounds ATM.

    DH swears by his hot lemon drinks - you get 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice in a mug, add 2 teaspoons of sugar and boiling water to make a full cup. he also takes 2 apsrin and goes to bed to sweat it out, but you can't take the asprin with the BF. But the lemon drink on it's own helps soothe the throat.

    Have you tried putting eucalyptus in a bowl of boiling water and putting your head over it and covering your head with a towel (I have a complete mental block as to what you call this) this can really help to clear up the sinuses.

    Vicks vaporub on the throat helps too.

    Get well soon Meg :flower:

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