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    Feb 2004

    Cold Hands

    If someone has a suggestion to stop Alexzander getting cold hands of a night I'll give you a big kiss Nah seriously, his hands are like ice & it wakes him up anywhere between 2 & 4am. He sleeps in a short sleeved bodysuit & a long jumpsuit overtop, then he has 2 blankets on. I put his mittens on this morning at 3am but he has cold hands again now.

    I had thought of putting the heater on his room because it gets down to about 12deg in there, but had heard it's not a good idea. Can someone tell me if this is right?

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    Sep 2004
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    Sarah, I have an oil heater running in my bedroom overnight atm. I was told to keep the air warm for Tehya in hospital after her having pneumonia. I know my power bill will be through the roof but better than a sick baby.

    Maybe you can put the mittens on Zander as soon as he goes down of a night. I know that the bonds suits have the built in mittens but if he's anything like Tehya he'd hate that. Do you still wrap him? Maybe you could try to get his hands under the wrap.... Probably already tried that too I guess. Sorry not much help here. I know that I have brought Tehya some polar fleece sleepsuits and they keep her nice and toasty.

    Take care

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    Yes I was going to say maybe buy him a jumpsuit even one or two sizes bigger so his sleeves come down over his hand iykwim. Lachlan is a size 1 but he sleeps in a size 2 polar fleece jumpsuit and he doesn't have his hands out.


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    Sarah, I know some babies love them and others hate them, plus they are hard to find ('speciallay in a size 1 and 2) but Bonds Cosy Cuff suits have cotton mittens at the end of the arms which you can fold over their little hands.....

    Because Olivia spent her first 14 months in a topical climate, she really hates the cold, so we use these. And we have also resorted to a radiator in her room that we leave on very low overnight (where we live in Adelaide is v.high up and gets down to 6`c at night.......)

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    Melinda Guest

    We have a heater on in Jacob's room. When we were in the Mother & Baby Unit a couple of months ago, they had his room heated too, so obviously hospitals do it too!!

    Jacob wears a singlet, a short-sleeved body suit and either a wondersuit or flannelette pj's to bed, and sleeps in a sleeping bag. And then his room is heated on top of that. Initially I thought this was way too much, but not according to the hospital when I asked them.......

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    Custardtart Guest

    I ended up making (be honest, I asked Mum to make...) little hooded sleeping bags for when we went camping and the nights were cold. She knitted these, but you could easily sew them out of polar fleece. If you don't want a hood you could just stitch up two rectangles cut to size with a neckhole and zipper and pop him inside it once he is dressed for bed. This would trap the warm air around his body and perhaps help those little hands. It wouldn't be very expensive to make, and should take under an hour to put together.


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    May 2004

    I am like Trish, we have an oil heater in Emily's room to warm the air (she won't sleep properly with the door open so her room gets quite cold and she sometimes kicks the blankets off). I asked the Dr about this when she had a cough and he said it is better for them to be warm than cold.


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    May 2004

    We have a heater in Alex's room and his hands are not to cold.
    Also i have lots of blankets on his bed.

    I also had the cold hand trouble with Kimberley and did not really worry about it.
    I have tried little mittens but he always takes them off.

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    Feb 2004

    Matthew's hands are always cold and I have tried all sorts of things to get them warm but they are still cold. He just likes sleeping with them out of blankets. Maybe some babies are like this but I know that I am like this myself. His room gets to about 15 degrees overnight. Oil heater is a great idea.

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    Nov 2003

    Chloe's hands get cold all the time too, but they dont wake her up so I havent really worried about it.. I usually just stick em in her blanket while i feed her then take them out when she goes back to bed as she doesnt like not having her hand sout to suck on when her dummy falls out of her mouth..

    i like the heater idea though

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    Oct 2003
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    I put long socks on Matilda's hands & tuck them into her body suit...they come off sometime in the night, but she has really cold hands otherwise.

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    I was going to suggest the mittens in the bonds suits too.
    Gab still gets wrapped so her hands aren't an issue yet (I say yet because she is figuring out how to wriggle them out during the day!! Grrrr!).
    I think we might invest in an oil heater too.