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Thread: Cold Wet Feet?

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    Default Cold Wet Feet?

    Hi everyone,
    This is very odd. Every time i take Joshuas socks off his feet are dry, but 5 mins later i go up to him and touch his feet and they are so wet? why is this?

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    Aneta has the same thing , usually she's warm but her feet are cold & wet ?? I noticed when we put socks on they become dry again , but sometimes its nice to have your toes exposed

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    I heard this somewhere, can't remember where though...maybe discovery channel.
    Babies have clammy hands and feet due to a throwback to when we were evolving from apes and were hairy. The clammy hands and feet helped them to cling to their mothers body hair like baby apes do.
    Not sure if I beleive it but it's an interesting idea lol!

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    Josiah gets sweaty hands and feet too. Never noticed it with Janae. We just figured he takes after his sweaty-palmed uncle! hehe


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    hhhmmmm. yeah it is weird isnt it! I have put it down to that the babies try to warm themsleves up and they sweat there to replace lost temperature????

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