thread: Colds & Eating

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    Feb 2004

    Colds & Eating

    I just wondered about what everyone does about meals when bubs have colds?

    Zander didn't want his bottle this monring because I think it's hard for him to suck with a blocked nose (yes we have tried Fess). He was happy to have his solids for lunch & had double what he normally would have, so I'm guessing he was pretty hungry.

    Is it ok for him to not have as many bottles while he's sick? I know you're supposed to keep the fluids up with a cold, but I'm having problems getting them into him. Any suggestions would be great - oh & we've tried with the bottle, sippy cup & a regular cup.

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    Jan 2005
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    I don't know what you can do Sarah. Will he take some water off a spoon?
    I know it's not much reassurance but I'm sure he'll make up for it when he's feeling better.
    Hugs for Zander

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    Aug 2004

    We are having the same problem here. Jenna is having alot of trouble sucking when her nose is all blocked up. I actually ended up expressing yesterday adn feeding her that way, cause I was getting sick of my let down squirting milk everywhere each time she pulled off.

    Jenna's intake of food/drink has decreased too, and the way I see it, she's not going to waste away overnight, there is a bit of fat there, and I'm sure the cold will clear up over the next couple of days.

    We have been using infant demazin - a cold and flu thing for babies, and that doesn't help all that much, but does still help. We have also been usign fess, and the other options are a steam hummidifier or baby balsam on their singlet?

    Jenna has had to sleep upright on pillows in our bed cause otherwise she wont sleep with the clocked nose.

    Hope something here helps, but I'm with you. Its really difficult!!


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    Feb 2004

    Yup we've been using the Infant Demazin, baby balsalm, fess & the vapuriser! I can't really raise his bedhead anymore cos he moves so much & if he turns upside down (which he does most nights) his head would be lower than his feet which wouldn't be nice.

    Sorry to sound like I'm poking holes in you suggestions Fi, but yup we've tried it all! Hopefully both Jenna & Zander will be better soon

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    Debbie Lee Guest

    Sarah - Gab won't take water at all so a friend suggested I use the panadol dropper to squirt some in her mouth (it was a hot day). Maybe you could give that a go a few times a day just so you know he is at least getting some more fluid into him?

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    Sarah I have always had this problem when Matilda is sick, I just try to feed smaller amounts more regularly, so I would give her 100mls heaps more often, or even try diluted fruit juice. The GP had me make up heaps of aeroplane jelly for her to get fluids & sugars in for the days that she wouldn't eat at all and I would put in some of the golden circle pears as well chopped up. I also make heaps of smoothies and ice blocks for her. So I've put some of the smoothie recipes up in the smoothie recipe section and I then freeze that into ice blocks for her to eat when she's sick. So far today she missed one meal but ate 2 ice blocks which has frozed formula, yogurt & fruit, so I don't feel as bad. HTH!

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    Feb 2004

    It's cold & rainy today, but the ice vlocks are a good idea Christy I like that. He's not into juice at all - the face he pulled was priceless!

    Since I posted though he's had 100ml from a bottle so at least some is getting into him. Good idea as well on the more frequent smaller bottles too Christy.