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    Coloxyl Drops-Constipation

    I'm having trouble with DS, he is very regular however some days he screams and finds it hard to go. I'm giving him juice and put pears etc on his breaky, tried prunes (didn't work), suppositories (he pushed them straight back out) my next attempt is coloxyl drops.

    Has anyone used them b4, how often do I use it?


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    Jun 2005
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    We had a problem where Eliza would turn blue and poop hard pellets. I took it upon myself to go and get some coloxil drops..they didn't make much difference. The pead put me on to Actilax (starting with 5 mls) in one bottle a day. It softens the stools rather than promote the bowel to open in coloxil drops,so longer term use isn't a problem. I only use it every now and then and depending on her age which at 8 months we are using about 8mls when a stool hasn't been passed for a day.
    If you ask the pharmist they should be able to go through the pro's and con's.

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    Oct 2005

    I have had trouble with my DD on and off now for yrs, she is now 3. I'm sorry I can't think of what we used at young age, however what did get her going was the baby heinz fruit bars, but they state that they are suitable from 12mths.
    Sorry if I haven't been much help. Feel sorry for both you and DS.
    All the best

    Love Helen

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    Thanks for the replies girls. I went and bought some coloxyl drops and they worked like a dream. Angry that I didn't use them much sooner. I've only had to give him one lot in a bottle every couple of days so I am one happy mumma atm!