thread: confused about feeding & boiled water

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    confused about feeding & boiled water

    I have been feeding my 7 week old baby just formula for 2 weeks but since i have she seems really thirsty (not hungry) my mum said to give her cooled boiled water does anyone know if this is ok she is so little and how much can she have??? and do i need to warm it??? ](*,)

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    That's just fine to give her water, boil the water to sterilise it (at least five minutes at a rolling boil, so an automatic kettle won't do) and then let it cool to body temperature - test it on your wrist and if it feels comfortably warm or cooler then it is fine for your baby to drink.
    She'll only drink as much as she needs, it can't possibly upset her stomach.

    Remember that 90% of our body is made up of water, so it's important to prevent dehydration.


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    I 2nd that!

    Not being rude, but are you following instructions on the formula can- dont take offense to that my DH (MEN) had no idea, no he claims he's the master, yeah right.

    If she still seems thirsty, maybe a trip to your MCHN could help.

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    I was told about 50ml, but just be warned that the first time she has it it's likely she'll spit it out cos she's not used to the taste.

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    Rails, I would chat to your MCHN or GP - both formula and breastmilk *should* provide the right balance of water and 'food' for your baby. When you say she seems thirsty, what do you mean?
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    At our 5 week checkup my CHN recommended that I offer Aidyn some cooled boiled water for a couple of reasons. -
    1. to help prevent constipation (which the formula can cause)
    2. Because his appetite was SO excessive, and he was gaining so much, that she said to offer him the water every now and then just to quench his thirst, cause it was better than giving him extra bottles all of the time.

    However all situations are different, so I would recommend having a chat to your GP or CHN about it like Kelly suggested.

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    When you say she seems thirsty, what do you mean?
    thats exactly what popped into my head when I read your post.
    If you're concerned or have any you should speak to your ECHN.

    Cooled boiled water is fine to give bubs, and they will take what they need - be careful though because even though its not formula, its still classed as part of their daily intake of fluids (ie:bubs might take less milk which would concern you however if theyve had a lot of water its still fine)

    I personally wouldn't make it a regular thing though in case bubs begins to think it is a feed - they should get what they need from formula and breast milk.

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    We are doing the boiled water thing as I type - well actually it might be finished now.
    I give it to her when she is REALLY windy like tonight, and she needs to feed to distract her so she falls asleep. I think it helps their tummy a little? I'm really careful not to give her too much - I think I limit it to about 20mls? But tonight - I knwo that she has had heaps of milk, and I'm way cranky with her, so I just dont care!!!!! Sounds bad, but wind drives me mental.
    I just use boiled water from the jug though. Oops - didn't know it had to be boiled for 5 mins!! She hasn't dies yet, so I guess its not toooooo bad - right?

    The lactation consultant told me not to give boiled water for breastfed babies, as did the midwives at hossy, but the MCHN said a little was OK. You will get as many different opinions as the number of people you ask.


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    Melinda Guest

    I've heard lots of different things about this too and we offered a little bit to Jacob every now and then from fairly early on. We didn't boil the water for 5 minutes either - it was just cooled boiled water from the fridge. Through trial and error though we worked out that he preferred it cold from the fridge as opposed to room temperature.

    The water seemed to help him a little bit if he was a little unsettled (and we knew he wasn't hungry etc as he'd been fed and had all he would take from a bottle).

    It took him a while to like water, but he happily drinks it now!

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    rails2005 Guest

    Thanks thats great!
    Well i feed her and an hour or so later she is crying and constantly sticking her tounge out and spitting the dummy after 4-5 sucks when i give her the boiled water she will drink about 10-20 mls then be settled but i didn't know if this was too much or if it would hurt her.