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    what is the best medicine to give a 2 month old baby for constipation???it only really started today as her poos were soft and the texture of peanut butter sorry TMI but now its as hard as clay or playdo any advice? :-k

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    Have there been any changes as far as feeding goes that might explain it - feeding less (is she getting enough milk) or have you changed formula?

    I've heard of people giving bubs small amounts of warm water or water mixed with a tiny bit of brown sugar to help with constipation. There is also a thread here about prune juice.


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    We had some constipation issues due to gaviscon. Our Dr advised us to first try 2-3 extra bottles of water (as I was breastfeeding all but one feed a day) and we would off her 20mls cooled boiled water. When that didn't work we would offer 50mls cooled boiled water with 1/4 tsp brown sugar & that did the trick. HTH!

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